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Can I change my username after signup?
Yes. just check your profile setting. your username actually is your public name that anyone knows you by it.
Can I change my email address after sign up?
Yes, but you will need to verify your new email address before replacing it with the old one.
Note that:
- We only send the most important messages such as reward, rules and password changes, etc.
- There will never be no advertisement or spamming sent to you.
- We will never share your email address with anyone.
I signed up with incorrect information, what should I do?
Don’t worry, only verified information’s are valid. we will validate all of your information (name, age, gender, etc.) after verifying your id card (if it is needed).
Why my temporary name is still top of my panel? why it dos not change after i change the username?
Your username and your real name is different. your username is public and anyone knows you by it. but your real name will be fix by us when we verify your identity. anyone CAN'T see your real name at all.
Is it required to verify my identity and my location to be able to use service? Why do you need it?
No, for using services such as streams or using highlights or chat or download replays you do not need to verify your identity. This information is needed because in order to pay gift cards and you win a reward or you wish to have access to site predictions.
Verifying location is automatic and just needs your permission.
My identity is not verified, what can I do?
You need to take a photo with your phone or scan of any of your governmental documents (National ID card, driving license, International Passport, etc.) that contain your main information (name, age, etc.).
My location is not verified, what can I do?
You need to click or tap on “verify my location” in your profile page. Make sure that your browser or device have access to your location.
If after fixing location access and refreshing page, you still get “access denied” error, then contact our support, using our ticket system or
 Our Site Predictions
What is site predictions?
You and other users predict the games or play with our virtual betting and we process them using the best analyzers, data (such as players and team’s status), plus our own unique algorithms; and then share the results with the qualify users.
How can I get access to your site predictions?
Requirements of accessing our site predictions:
- having at least 50 total number of predictions.
- having a prediction accuracy of 65% or higher.
- predicting the game you want to see its results.
Note that you must maintain a prediction accuracy of at least 65% to be able to see results. if you ever drop below 65% you will no longer see results, until you reach 65% again. So you better predict carefully.
Are these site predictions guaranteed?
Not yet, but we are doing our best to make best results. Also you can always see the history of our site predictions in main page.
Is it possible to predict a game with knowing site prediction results?
No, the predictions and virtual betting are locked 30 minutes before the game starts, and results are made public 25 minutes before the game starts, you won't be able to do that.
Can I try Gambling/Betting based on site prediction results?
It depends on you, your local laws and your personal decision.
How accurate your site predictions are?
We offer our site prediction history in our main page. That’s best way to judge our predictions accuracy.
Can I share/publish site predictions?
No, it is strictly against our terms and conditions.
Note that our site are based on very intricate algorithms of Mathematical, Humanities and Social Science. And publishing its results or sharing your own predictions with other users before game ends, is damaging our site predictions and you will be the first victim if our quality drops. So take our rules and limits as an advice and behave.
 Betting Simulator
What is Betting Simulator?
NHL virtual betting (Betting Simulator) is a new web-based system to simulate betting sites, so everyone can enjoy betting with virtual money and without risk of losing real money.
The point of this section is to teach you how to bet so you don't get in trouble in real life. Remember betting on games and practices are different than gambling. However even betting on games can become dangerous if you don't care and don't abide by the rules. Sport Betting is a serious and rough business and just like any other financial market, such as the stock or insurance markets has its own rules.
Never bet in real life without first building your skills in simulations. Learn the betting strategies, for example never bet more than 3 percent of your balance on a single game even if you have experienced winning with greater numbers. If you are skilled at this you can increase your money significantly by betting only 3 percent of your balance on each game. Never overestimate your betting skill. Make at least something between 700 to 1000 bets in simulations before deciding on betting in real life, and In real life never put more than a thousand dollars in your account. If you think you can't resist your temptations and follow the rules of betting don't even enter this business!
We understand that betting business can be very exciting but remember it can be very destructive too, know your limits. We wish you great success and great practice.
How do I get my starting virtual money on Betting Simulator?
Just by joining nhl66 you will recieve $1.000 start virtual money and you can start betting at no risk. But don’t lose all of your money while trying to figure out how this system works. Just improve your prediction skills and increase your total amount of your money.
I lost all my Betting Simulator money, what can I do now?
You can receive $10 each day by opening Betting Simulator section and clicking on daily bonus. So even if you lose all your money you still have a chance of climbing back up.
Can I use real money in Betting Simulator?
We are NOT Betting website.
Can I change Betting Simulator money to real money?
No, nhl66 is a completely free service and have no means of receiving money from users. If someone is trying to scam people in the name of nhl66 please notify us, using our ticket system or
Note that Betting Simulator and prediction panel exists for the sole reason of finding and growing your predicting talent.
Can I send Betting Simulator money to others?
No, it is not possible. To avoid conflicts and restrict people from selling Betting Simulator money. Any kind of virtual Betting Simulator exchange or buying and selling nhl66 accounts are against our terms and conditions.
How can I predict more accurately?
Don’t share your predictions with other nhl66 users. Don’t depend on luck and use any resource you can, consider status of game and players, and follow the news.
Note that you don’t have to predict all games, you can predict games that you know better and have better results so that you will have better accuracy.
What about postponed or canceled games? does that count in my total number of predictions?
Postponed or cancelled games do not count toward your total prediction number.
Why should I predict games? what's its use for me?
Your history and status page are proof of your skill. You can use our service to increase your prediction skill. and its real proof about your real prediction capability!
I can't see all of the today games in prediction section, why?
Unlike Betting Simulator section, Prediction section only contains games that are harder to predict, some days it may contain all of the games and some days not.
How does my status work?
We display your prediction skill in various charts and graphs:
Prediction percentage
Your team prediction power
Your rank history (based on active users only)
 General Questions
How do you calculate my rank?
Your ranking is based on the quality of your prediction skill.
That is a mix of your total number of predictions, wrong/right percentage, your skill in predicting harder games, etc.
e.g. someone with 200 predictions and 60% accuracy is better than someone with 50 predictions and 64% accuracy.
Can I use my account for next season too?
Yes, but we reset all stats and your history. please print or save as a pdf file before next season.
Can I contact other users and use their opinion to predict?
We strictly recommend NOT to share your predictions with other nhl66 users. There are multiple Mathematical and Communal reasons to why doing so will harm both you and the system. Yet we encourage the use of other resources such as professionals or analyse information.
Can I share my history?
Yes, you can share your history or stats with others, which is the proof of your skill.
Do you Guarantee the security of my personal information?
Yes, all your personal information is protected with best Encryption methods, and your ID card photo (if you have send us for verifications) will be deleted after verification.
We do not share your information with anyone and its only used for nhl66 services.
Can I co-operate with nhl66?
Yes, contact admin! +16503002800
Is this service free forever? is there any kind of premium or paid content?
Yes, we NEVER offer any paid services and all services are and will always be free.
And any premium service or content that you will receive is based on your predictions skills.

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